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iProstate. 3D rendering tool for localization and staging of prostate cancer

iProstate is a software application (spanish registration nº V-159-11) developed by Nbio and José Luis Ruiz-Cerdá, MD from the Hospital la Fe from Valencia.

iProstate allows the introduction of data from biopsies, PSA and Gleason from a patient and it makes a prediction for the staging and spatial localization of the tumoral tissues.

iProstate also allows the 3D visualization of the tumour. iProstate has several options for making reports for each patient.

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MATES – Robotic platform for NOTES/SILS assistance

Minimally invasive surgery has required the acquisition of new skills on the part of surgeons and the creation of new tools, an area in which robotics is an invaluable help. The current trend is towards reducing the number of incisions practiced on the patient to a minimum. SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) and NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery) techniques have thus emerged, and these require a new generation of robotic tools.

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P201001008 /6. Telerobotic arm for MIS

The solution presented on this patent uses a parallel plat- form with kinematic architecture 3UPS1S and small di- mensions. The device is able to give orientation to the MIS surgical tool, thanks to the three degrees of freedom it has. Additionally, a device that allows a translational degree of freedom along the axis of the tool is foreseen. This device presents a high dinamic stiffness and it is able to give high torques and forces using only three small linear actuators of 3,13 N of nominal power. The goal of the given solution is to design a robot whose workspace fits as much as pos- sible to the objective workspace (the cone of laparoscopic procedures), without internal singularities and that is capa- ble to give the required forces.

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Opensurg project.

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(Español) Asistente Robotizado para Manejo de Instrumental Quirúrgico (QuiruBot)

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(Español) Técnicas avanzadas en la telemanipulación de objetos sólidos deformables. Aplicaciones a sistemas de cirugía robotizada asistida

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Magister-P. 6 dof Haptic device

6 dof haptic deviceMagister-P is an open architecture haptic device with 6 d.o.f. force feedback. Magister-P is based on a modification of a 6-6 Gough platform. The device has been tested on our laboratory for manipulating a real slave robot (a Mitsubishi PA-10) and as a haptic device for a surgical simulator.

The main characteristic is the open architecture that allows the Magister-P to be configured as an impedance or admittance display.

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