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Neuroengineering medical group from UMH


PhD Student 

Miguel Hernandez University

Avda Universidad w/n 03202 Elche (Alicante)
URM-lab. Innova building. Campus of Elche

Phone: +35 96 6658426

Academic studies, qualifications and work experience:

  • (2012) Degree on Mechanical Engineer. Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICAI). Madrid, Spain
  • (2015) MsC on Industrial Engineer. Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICAI). Madrid, Spain

Work experience:

my research interests are on:

  • Technology applied to improve health and wellbeing, as well as preventing premature disability.
  • Application of haptic technologies to health virtual environments.
  • Surgical robotics; surgery simulation; surgical navigation
  • Rehabilitation robotics.
  • Mechanical design.

Current research projects:

  • 2017:  Collaborative Robotic system for brAin-shift corrections in Neurosurgical Endoscopic Endonasal AppLications. Role: Researcher.




Av. de la Universidad s/n

José María Sabater-Navarro

Tlf: +34